Everybody knows and has already played to PACMAN. Not ? OK so for the extraterrestrial: This is a very famous best seller arcade game release in 1980 by Namco (Japan). It has been adapted to a lot of different game platforms and nowadays you can also play it online. The player controls Pacman in a maze. It has to eat all dots to reach the next stage. The difficulty: Fours ghosts named Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde are trying to catch Pacman. If Pacman meets a ghost, a life is lost. When four lives are lost, the game is over. Pacman can also find in the corner of the maze, four power pellets. After eating the power pellets, he can eat the ghost that are running away…

If you have already played to Pacman, you know how Pacman is an addictive game. And as all the celebrities, Pacman has a fan club but also some disparages. This is why the Anti Pacman Community has been created. People who always wanted to know how it is to be a ghost are gather together in this virtual community. Like rebels the “anti pacman’s” are always doing something different from the others. They think that this is very funny to be a “bad” ghost against the “nice” pacman. Like in a forum, people f95zone are exchanging their tricks to be more efficient to catch Pacman. They take sides with the other members. This is a whole system against our celebrity of the arcade games.

The Antipacman game is contrary to Pacman. You control the fours ghosts and your goal is to catch Pacman before he eats all the dots. Unlike the original Pacman game, here a ghost dies forever if it’s eaten by Pacman, so be sure to take care of your ghosts while they are blue.

It seems to be easy to be four ghosts against only one pacman and not very fair. But people who tried to be a bad ghost playing antipacman, are all saying the same thing:

– “it’s hard!!”

– “What’s worse is I was kind of disappointed when the actual game didn’t match my vision.”

– “It’s a little hard, yeah. But once you figure out how to corner Pac with two of your ghosts and slowly tighten the vice and use a third ghost to provide the final lancing, why, it’s a pretty clever game.”

In brief, we all wanted to be fair play with Pacman but he is often smarter. This is why we play the game and we try to catch it.

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