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If you’re looking for a fun, relaxing and tropical place to go for a holiday then Guadeloupe is a fantastic option. The beaches in Guadeloupe are simply beautiful and clear, with lovely sandy beaches stretching for miles. The coastline is breathtaking and varies depending on the area. The sand at Grande-Terre is white, whilst the sand on the leeward coast is brown and at the end of Basse-Terre you can actually find black sand as there are volcano’s which you can visit.

Guadeloupe is made up two principal islands, Basse-Terre & Grande-Terre, which are separated by a salt river and whose combined shape resembles a butterfly. There are also two smaller islands, Iles de la Saintes (a collection of four small islands in the South), Marie Galante (South), La Desirade (East) and two small islands under La Desirade called Iles des les Petite-Terre.

Guadeloupe is a French colony and this makes for an interesting mix of Caribbean and European cultures similar to the likes of Martinique and St. Barts. Ideally it’s recommended to speak a minimum French as not everyone speaks English.

Guadeloupe is great for snorkeling and diving as there are a number of spectacular coral reefs not far from the beaches. The Pigeon Isles is namely one of the best spots with an underwater sanctuary along with the crystal clear Cousteau Reserve, which is filled with multi-coloured fauna.

The best way to see Guadeloupe is either by car or scooter, both of which are very affordable.

Islands of Guadeloupe

  • Grande-Terre
  • Basse-Terre
  • Iles des Saints
  • Iles des les Petite-Terre
  • Marie Galante
  • La desirade island

Grande-TerreThe Grande-Terre is a beautiful island senderismo en surrounded by coral reefs with white and black sandy beaches, cliffs and rolling hills with vast farmland. It’s a popular destination amongst visitors, especially: Pointe-à-Pitre, Gosier, Saint-François, Pointe des Châteaux, Le Moule, Pointe de la Grande Vigie and Port-Louis (excellent diving spot).

Pointe des Chateaux (Castles Point)

Situated at the most eastern part of the island its spectacular views draw many visitors, enabling you to see neighbouring islands; La Desirade, Iles des les Petite-Terre, Marie Gallante, Iles des les Saintes and sometimes more! Despite the name, there aren’t any castles, its actually a reference to the majestically carved rocks formed by the ferocious waves.

Sainte-Anne beach

There is of course the most popular Club Med Caravelle beach which is accessible to anyone and the bourg beach, with a little marina, wonderful for swimming and has every pretty white sandy beach as seen in post cards. Attention, an entrance fee is paid on weekends if you go by car. But you can park the car alongside the boulevard.

Saint Francois

A large seaside resort and fishermans port, which is a favourite destination for many due to its beautiful beaches and rich landscape. Centered around an old market, you can find nurseries, a fishermans wharf (where you can buy fresh fish each day), fresh fruit and vegetable merchants and a diverse range of local traders, which brings a certain liveliness and ambiance to the town. At various times throughout the year there are parades, dances, festivals and local fairs along with numerous restaurants, hotels a casino and a range of other activities including a superb golf course. One of the great things about Saint Francois is its easy access to other islands as you can take a boat to many destinations such as; La Desirade, Petite-Terre and Marie-Glante. If you’re looking for a great holiday villa in Saint Francois, Guadeloupe we recommend  which is a short distance from the town centre.

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